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Waste Regeneration

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From the waste we will make together a new source of energy or raw materials.

We offer a complex solution for the decontamination of infected waste, drying of sewage sludge and recovery of urban waste. All of our solutions not only bring economic benefits but, above all, have a highly positive environmental impact.

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About us

The WasteReg Group deals with waste recovery. The solutions and devices it offers are fully in line with the latest trends in environmental waste treatment. The complex solution is prepared according to the customer's needs and always fits into the overall concept of circular economy.

Many years of device research and development has brought a number of patents to help create a unique solution. Devices have a number of certificates, including certification for the NATO North Atlantic Alliance.

Decontamination of infected waste

The main idea is to decontaminate infected waste at the place of origin or as close as possible. This significantly reduces its movement on public roads. Decontamination also involves a radical reduction in volume and significant weight loss. This results in a significant reduction in the number of trucks needed to transport it. At the same time, it is no longer necessary to use specially modified ADR trucks.
Our complex solution for decontamination of infected waste causes significant reduction in emissions while saving costs.


Drying of sewage sludge

Sludge from sewage treatment plants contains high amounts of water. The cost of liquidation depends on the total weight of sludge. Our high-performance industrial driers can reduce total weight up to 50% and thus reduce costs by almost half.

Utilisation of municipal waste

Based on very simple physical principles, the raw material can be recovered from the waste. However, it requires high know-how and complex technology. We can offer you both and create for you a complex solution. The result is almost 100% utilization of unsorted municipal waste.

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